Web Frontend

What is VueJS?
What are the pros of VueJS?



Vue is best used to build a single-page application from scratch or launch a somewhat small project. It can easily integrate with already-have server pages. Additionally, Vue supports designers with web-pack integration and a great range of powerful features, for example, code-splitting, bundling, tree-shaking, etc. KPIE TECH build lightweight and user-friendly web apps using Vue JS for companies wishing to start modest.

What is ReactJS?
What are the pros of ReactJS?




If your web development projects are complex and have components with different, usually changing states like active/inactive navigation items, accordion sections expanded/collapsed, buttons, user login, etc., you should go with ReactJS. This framework lets you have more control, manage those changing states easier, and dynamically present different views to the user according to the state information. At KPIE, we build ultra-light, clean, and sleek-looking web apps powered by ReactJS.

What is Angular?
What are the pros of Angular?

Angular, developed by Google, is a TypeScript and HTML-based, open-source framework for web front-end development. Over 600,000 websites were created with this medium. It’s advisable to use Angular when developing enterprise-level web apps thanks to advanced refactoring, autocompletion, navigation, etc. Or when creating single-page applications having dynamic content like YouTube. Leveraging deep expertise in different development frameworks, we help clients build powerful web apps powered by Angular.

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