Web Backend

What is Node JS?
What are the pros of Node JS?



The best thing about Node.js is that being a JavaScript-based framework allows you to Hire Node.JS Developers to use other languages for cross-compiling to JavaScript. Node.js also helps developers with ready-to-use modules coming with the Node.js repository called NPM.

What is PHP?
What are the pros of PHP?



PHP (or you can say Hypertext Preprocessor) is a veteran player in the web development world. As it is an interpreted language – it doesn’t require a compiler either, and it can also run on almost every major operating system like Windows, Linux, macOS, Unix, etc. PHP Frameworks for Website backend development: Laravel, CodeIgniter, Symfony, etc.

What is .NET Core?
What are the pros of .NET Core?



.NET Core is made with the object-oriented programing language C#. .NET Core framework also offers class libraries of ready-to-use code, supporting both simple and complex data structures. It provides libraries for almost everything, including security, encryption, and database access.
It has survived five centuries and the leap into electronic typesetting, remaining essentially unchanged.

What is Python?
What are the pros of Python?



One of the main advantages of using Python for web development is its vast collection of standard libraries that make the work of developers comparatively more accessible and more efficient. The additional prominent and unique features of Python like better code readability. Easier integration with other languages, GUI Programming support, and portability.

What is Ruby?
What are the pros of Ruby?



Ruby is a general-purpose, interpreted programming language that helps numerous procedural, functional, and object-orientated programming paradigms. The precise language helps nearly every important platform consisting of Windows, Mac, and Linux.
Ruby Frameworks for Backend Web Development: Ruby on Rails, Sinatra, Grape, etc.

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