EdTech solutions are becoming increasingly popular among representatives of higher education institutions.

EdTech App Development Services

Analyze your project needs and reach out to our custom eLearning platform developers, who have years of expertise analyzing and implementing complicated digital solutions for a wide range of audiences.

Website Design & Development

You may contact our eLearning development expertise to construct customer-oriented solutions to give learners an intuitive learning experience through websites.

Mobile App Development

We can develop secure and robust mobile learning app solutions using our extensive knowledge, complete technological stack, and dedicated technical support.

Third-Party Integration

Adapt new functions to your eLearning product by integrating third-party resources, such as BI tools, CRM software, payment systems, etc., that meet today’s learners’ changing needs.


Utilize our cloud skills to manage complicated data stacks to ensure a seamless, faultless, and tailored data migration.

Maintenance & Support

We assist our clients by delivering deliverables that combine good and feature-packed technological competence with an established process architecture.

Choose a solution for your need


Our scalable, adaptable, and simple-to-use mobile learning solutions ensure that all learning resources are available to all learners. It all starts with a fascinating concept that has the potential to revolutionize the conventional.

EdTech Portal

Assisting learners in meeting specified goals through eLearning portals where they receive information that precisely describes their education. We specialize in the simple management of these portals on both web and mobile devices.

App for Personalized Learning

With our eLearning app development services, you can create a personalized learning path for each student. You may create a one-of-a-kind and spectacular learners’ trip by utilizing visuals and innovative content design and development approaches.

Why Choose KPIE TECH

Solutions for every need

We are your one-stop-shop for developing result-oriented eLearning development service providers if you are a business firm, educational institution, or eLearning aggregator.

Multi-Device Support

Get broad exposure to a vast audience that utilizes a variety of devices. We assist you in developing multi-platform and unique EdTech development solutions that can run in various device scenarios.

Compliance & Security

Our outputs adhere to the most modern industry standards. It distinguishes us as a client-focused digital solutions supplier, delivering complete satisfaction with significant consequences.

Post-Delivery Support

We are all about providing maximum assistance with extended hands. Once delivered, we assist you in getting the most out of our offerings by adopting constructive product deployment approaches.