Booking Platform


We enable all appointment-based businesses to create online appointment scheduling software to accept bookings from consumers and clients, and grow their business.

Develop a robust and scalable booking management platform so that you can streamline your processes. Suitable for restaurants, hotels, hospitals, and other establishments.

Why should you need a booking platform development?

  • Increase customer loyalty and boost your marketing efforts.
  • Automate your business processes and grow your brand.
  • Control the guest flow and increase your service efficiency.
  • Optimize staff working hours and monitor all processes in your facility.
  • Increase profits and scale your business.
  • Allow customers to make online orders easily.

Our booking platforms development services

Online travel booking

Makes it easy for your clients to book flight tickets no matter where they want to go. You can have a platform that makes it easy and backs it all up with 24/7 customer support.

Hotel bookings and reservations

Allows your customers to be able to search and find the best accommodation deals for their next stay.

Appointment Scheduling App for Salons

Allow your consumers to arrange appointments for services such as massages, facials, haircuts, and more online.

Citizen Services Appointment App

With appointment booking software, government entities may make it easier for individuals to access and use public services.

Client Scheduling App

Consultants, attorneys, and other professionals can create a scheduling app that allows clients to conveniently schedule appointments.

Local Services Booking App

Allows consumers to conveniently schedule services such as cleaning, housekeeping, childcare, gardening, and using an app.

Why Choose KPIE TECH

Robust Technology

The entire solution is built on a solid technology stack and can quickly scale as the app grows in popularity.

Global Solution

With multi-language and local payment gateway support, the app can work with businesses in any geography.

Aggregator Model 

Startups can create an app which provides a centralized platform for booking appointments with businesses.


Everything is simple and easy to use, from booking appointments to managing them online.

Affordable price

We have a pre-built base app, which lowers costs and implementation time for your company.

Multiple Business Types

Our solution applies to any appointment-based business that requires an online appointment solution.

Dedicated Support

A customized engagement model with a dedicated team to support the entire development cycle.

Customizable & Branded

Get the app designed and developed to meet your specific business needs and service offerings.