Blockchain development


Cryptocurrency, Smart-Contracts, and Enterprise Blockchain app development require tremendous responsibility due to their high financial and security risk. That’s why here at KPIE TECH we rely on established processes that create a sophisticated approach for quality control in the outsourced project.

Our team works hard at delivering successful solutions by leveraging expertise from various fields.

Benefits of Blockchain Development
  • Unique data

All the data stored on the blockchain is non-editable by anyone. There is no way to compromise all servers, disrupt the network’s mechanism, or alter existing data.

  • Trust

Blockchain works based on a consensus mechanism of peer-to-peer (P2P) network that allows data storage and transmission without relying on third parties.

  • Data integrity

All the data stored on the blockchain is non-editable by anyone. There is no way to compromise all servers, disrupt the network’s mechanism, or alter existing data.


  • The HASH of blockchain system is non-decode. This means that it’s nearly impossible to decompile information once it’s encrypted.

Blockchain Industry Adoption

Blockchain in Supply Chain
  • Distribution
  • Tracking stock and inventories
  • End- to-end visibility of the entire chain
 Blockchain in Finance Industry
  • Cross border payments
  • Automate transactions and agreement.
  • Security and shorter process
Blockchain in Agriculture
  • Farm equipment sharing
  • Post-harvest logistics
  • Data exchange using smart contracts.
Blockchain in Energy Industry
  • P2P interaction, eliminate broker fees.
  • Full management tracking
  • Reduce the cost of intermediates.
Blockchain in Retail Industry
  • Simplify inventory tracking.
  • Automate B2C and B2B payments.
  • Consumers privacy
Blockchain in Healthcare
  • Pharma supply chain transparency
  • Secure and tamper-proof health records
  • Automate verification of medical claims

Our Blockchain Development services


Our NFT developers create a robust NFT platform where any asset can be tokenized, whether artwork, gaming cards, software licenses, digital collectibles, or real-world assets.


Meet your goals by developing the most advanced and innovative cryptocurrency software. We create crypto coins with cutting-edge technology, giving you the ability to stay ahead in the race to become the ultimate altcoin.


Conduct secure, fast and reliable transactions without intermediaries and offer real-time verification of transactions.


dApps, which operate on a decentralized peer-to-peer network, eliminate a single point of failure such as a hosting server, allowing you to avoid downtime and other operational constraints.

UX/UI design

PRIVATE BLOCKCHAIN DEVELOPMENT We assist enterprises in establishing permission blockchain networks to eliminate even the slightest possibility of data loss, security breaches, and desynchronization of digital assets across all business processes.

Why Choose KPIE TECH


KPIE Technology with more than 10 years of experience in software development industry working continuously for global clients who come from various part of the world.


We have provided consulting and development services to numerous startups and enterprises, assisting them in successfully launching their Token, Cryptocurrency Exchange, eWallet, and Application.


We have extensive industry knowledge, hands-on experience, and Blockchain deliverables.


The appropriate process ensures high-quality production while adhering to strict QC and industrial standards.


We build blockchain technology that promotes business growth by transforming businesses through custom consensus algorithms, architectures, cryptocurrencies, individual nodes and many other features.


We develop dependable and secure blockchain technologies from the ground up and customize existing blockchain solutions through various system modifications, integrations, and implementations.