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Mobile Development

Mobile App Development Market Overview Over the short six years, the mobile application development industry has grown dramatically. In 2022, the revenue of mobile application development is expected to reach US$ 693 billion. In addition, mobility solutions are estimated to generate US$ 1.8 trillion by 2022.Without a doubt, mobile application…
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Web Frontend

What is VueJS? What are the pros of VueJS? Vue is best used to build a single-page application from scratch or launch a somewhat small project. It can easily integrate with already-have server pages. Additionally, Vue supports designers with web-pack integration and a great range of powerful features, for example,…
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Web Backend

What is Node JS? What are the pros of Node JS? The best thing about Node.js is that being a JavaScript-based framework allows you to Hire Node.JS Developers to use other languages for cross-compiling to JavaScript. Node.js also helps developers with ready-to-use modules coming with the Node.js repository called NPM.…
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What is Google Cloud Platform? What are the pros of Google Cloud Platform? Google introduced cloud platform services to help clients store data more intelligently. At the same time, it helps developers reduce the time to build, test, and deploy apps. Since its introduction, GCP has been helping coders and programmers create…
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What is Solidity? What are the pros of Solidity? Solidity is an object-oriented programming language for implementing smart contracts on various blockchain platforms.  If you want to learn to write decentralized apps (apps that run on top of blockchains), Solidity is a pretty good choice. KPIE TECH is an expert who creates…
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Our Technologies

Our Technologies We’ll provide you with tailored tools and frameworks your project requires rather than forcing our favorites. Our latest technology stacks help you become a growth hacker in developing your business and saving your budget at the same time. We always start with clearly understanding clients’ business model, project…
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